Top 10 Sexiest Celebrity Feet

Top 10 Sexiest Celebrity Feet

After 1000’s of requests and nagging from all of our perverted fans, we finally decided to give in and create the top 10 sexiest celebrity feet. While fetish isn’t really our thang? It’s been a slow gossip day so we are giving in. These were voted by the millions of fans of a weird site called “Wiki Feet“.

10. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Sexy Feet

Kim Kardashian and her sexy feet and toes.

Kim Kardashian sexy ass and feet

Kim Kardashian sexy ass and feet

# 9 Victoria Justice

9 Victoria Justice sexy feet and toes

9 Victoria Justice sexy feet and toes

Victoria Justice Interracial Foot Worship

Victoria Justice doing interracial foot worship? GURHL…u nasty!! and we love it!

#8. Emma Stone

emma stone sexy feet toes

Emma Stone and her sexy feet and toes

emma stone feet toes ass

Emma Stone with her sexy feet, toes…and ASS!!

#7. Rihanna

rihanna sexy feet toes ass

Rihanna with her sexy feet, toes, thong and ASS!!

rihanna sexy feet in stilelettos

Rihanna sexy feet and toes in stilelettos


Jennifer Aniston sexy feet toes ass

Jennifer Aniston showing off her Sexy Feet, Sexy toes and sexy ass!

Sexy toes of Jennifer Aniston

A close-up shot of the sexiest MILF in the world toes.

#5 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis sexy feet toes

Mila Kunis sexy feet and toes,

sexy foot and toes mila kunis

A close-up view of Mila Kunis feet and toes. YUMMY!!

#4 Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus feet legs toes

Miley Cyrus and her sexy feet, legs and toes..

miley cyrus sexy feet toes legs breasts

Miley Cyrus and her sexy feet, toes, legs and breasts.

#3 Katy Perry

Katy Perry feet toes ass

Katy Perry and her sexy feet, toes, and ASS!

katy perry toes

A close-up shot of Katy Perry toes, feet, and tattoos!

#2 Emma Watson

emma watson emma watson sexy feet

Emma Watson and her bare sexy feet at a movie premier.


Emma Watson her sexy feet and toes showing off her bikini body.

emma watson sexy foot legs ass in bikini

Look at the sexy Ass, legs, feet and toes on Emma Watson

#1 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez voted as having the sexiest celebrity feet in the world!

Selena gomez sexy feet

Selena Gomez was voted to have the sexiest feet in the world.

Selena Gomez sexy feet toes tits

Selena Gomez with some sand on her sexy feet and toes, in a tiny bikini.


selena gomez naked foot

Selena gomez and her naked feet.

selena gomez  selena gomez naked feet

Selena Gomez her naked feet and bikini clad body.



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7 Responses to Top 10 Sexiest Celebrity Feet

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  2. lee says:

    i still dont know how selena can be number one – oh thats right, all those americans who love very, very young looking girls. facially she looks 14, so she doesnt float my boat.

    emma stone should be number one, but most of the girls deserve high ranking.

    if should be noted the 2nd mila kunis pic is a clear fake, and the 2nd jennifer aniston pic isnt even her feet, they belong to liz vicious and it even says so on the picture – doh!

  3. WildChild says:

    You are HILARIOUS!!

  4. lee says:

    thanks i guess :) doesnt change the fact the things i pointed out that were incorrect were not fixed.

    also i dont believe Selena Gomez was ever number 1 – as of Jan 1st 2014 she isnt even in the top 20 (down at 23), same for Jennifer Aniston (32), Kim Kardashian (277) and Rihanna and Miley arent even in the top 300!!!

    Here is the top 10 today:-
    10. Salma Hayek
    9. Katy Perry
    8. Victoria Justice
    7. Emma Watson
    6. Kate Beckinsale
    5. Ariana Grande
    4. Ashley Benson
    3. Rachel Bilson
    2. Mila Kunis
    1. Emma Stone

  5. Melba says:

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  6. Fi chure says:

    Do they not all have blokes feet?!…. who picked these stompers?!

  7. jozseffrd says:

    My Top all time 10 is #10 Pamela Anderson #9 Naomi Watts,#8 Natasha Henstridge ,#7 Kate Beckinsale, #6 Bridgitte Bardot #5 Mila Kunis #4 Salma Hayek #3 Sofia Loren, #2 Maria Bello, and finally #1 Jennifer Aniston<<<<<>>>>> Let me know what you think! There are many many more and it took me like 3 hrs to decide on these top 10 I mean there was Gina Lollobrigida,Liz Taylor,Halle Berry,,Eva Longoria,Kim Kardashian,Mariska Hargitay,Milla Jovovic. Cat Zingano,Goldie Hawn, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Kim Novak, Zsazsa Gabor,Eva Gabor,Miesha Tate,etc,etc,etc! So it was really hard to get the top 10,especially when I am really a leg and abs man more than a Foot man!!! Well let me know what yous think Cheers!!!

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